2019 And The PvC Challenge , By, Meduoye Adeyinka

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2019 And The PvC Challenge ,

By, Meduoye Adeyinka

“The unfitted garment of a nation developmental status is chiefly ascribed to the reflection of the degeneration of her leadership and societal standards”_  Medus

Every corner of the nation democratic vault are being plagued by the rapacious family, feathering their noxious nests without regard for the law or common decency.

They have utter disregard for democratic values and dispensations at home and abroad: the disdain for democracy and its demonstrations: the hunger for constraining a free press: the political and unbiased admiration for thuggery characterisation: and the cuddling for strongmen worldwide.

Our democratic desks are being enshrined in the making of a “banana republic”, as constitutional facilities are technically drowned without feeling remorseful. Our government has ceased to characterise their functions, as we are being clothed with the symptoms of a failing state.

Our renascent democracy is wailing in the dark as it keeps riding on the hutch-back of these cabals and gradually, it is being drowned in titanic-like waiting to be rescued by political side boats.

Donning on their agbada, they grinned their brown-colored dentition, throwing their hats in adulation of their political supremacy over the audience, as they chants their own cognomen to the mystery of the people saying in the local parlance “Na we get Nigeria, we go tell dem who dem go vote and who dem no go vote”.

They laughed hysterically, holding the left helm of their agbada while they glimpsed at the audience in a random manner accompanied with series of eye-winks.

From their closet, they dictate and navigate the policies of Nigeria.

Some are paid to sit behind a numeric keyboard to continued to beat into our ears against what we actually feel and think.

The dividends of democracy promised beforehand by these cabals seems to be crawling to its canaanland.

They digress from “Change” policy to “Next level” policy when they realised the stakes are high and they needed to stay abreast.. They never ceased to churned out words in great despair, as the panting onlookers accosted them with flurry of interrogations.

What is the next level they are promising? Hope it is not next level in suffering and poverty? Have they effect the “change” policy before climbing to the “next level” public policy? Ohhh, they must be beclouded for not identifying they had just plagiarised an institutionalise logo.

They gazed at one another without a blink in dismay. Ohhh we lied in abrupt servitude and hostilities. “what have we done” echoes through their mind without taking effectual cognizance.

The nation is entangled in the trappings of a typical village illness, without ignoring the alleged philosophy of the “double body” chaos.

Political leaders keep spewing hatred and hate messages across the draw board without considering the preponderance of its accusations.

In their cabalic nature, they never ceased to lie over non-existing issues, making inflammatory statement in the media, posting genocidal videos and events of past years, because of their pathological hatred towards what is best known to them.

The goats are gathering once again, in a notorious and vicious assembly, infusing and causing political division just to gain access to the yam taken away from them without minding whose ox is gored. All of them are criminals. Yes!!! They are criminals with little or no pristine qualities in their supposed antecedents.

They tip-toed into any media house both home and abroad, commanding the prolific and well renowned editors and journalists to do a cover story, encapsulating the proclaimed technical defeat of the boko haram deadly terrorists, by the combative military armed forces.

They waited for the situation to snowball or calm, then the ever aggressive terrorists notoriously launched a ghastly attack on the “matele camp” claiming the lives of hundreds of soldiers, as being reported by various media outlets.

Sitting on a round table without inviting concerns, they pitched up a pictorial idea of apparently launching a designed air-bomber to bomb the supposed terrorists hide-out.

Ohhh, they had failed again, this time gazing at each other with blinks saying – “business continues, no worries”

Nigerians ought to understand that the sound of the beating drum doesn’t synchronised with the dancing steps of these political actors.

We failed to subscribe to the fact that, it isn’t all about the container but the content – the latter plays a vital role on determining the upliftment of the former.

It is high time we see to the disparateness of aligning with persona merit rather than political party affiliations.

We keep supporting the conspicuous criminality of the now.

The social media is intensely on the boil, as theses cabals keeps creating political fissure on the scripts of the nation constitutional facilities.

Some who hated Buhari are swift in spreading the political mutilated news, therein spreading paroxysm of hatred on the ruling class while some swung their attire into the ambience of jubilation as their most preferable alternative, clinched the presidential ticket of the newly proclaimed conventional designed umbrella, therein running here and there in great delight. Others kept pontificating on the rail of the “third force” fantasies, without a slight idea of the happenings in the future.

As the reappearance of 2014 political indices speaks volumes in the nation political space without aligning with its democratic dispensations, it is high time Nigerians realised that democracy is not all about the PvC ( People versus Cabal ) challenges but about the people.

The people are the reason for the existence of the government.

The Not-Young-To-Run-Bill signed, assented, ratified and passed into law is now regarded as an institutionalised scam, as party nomination form fee are exorbitant and served as a deterrent measure to scare away the youth from her polity.

It is supposed to enhance the preponderance of youth participation in the nation political space, but since money politics is regarded as a page-one-factor in scrutinising intending aspirants, then it isn’t of much jubilation on the jaw of the youth.

The politricks exhibited and played by the cabals are inducing agonies of policies in our polities against the mere wishes of the people.

They subjected the organogram of the constitutional system to their whims and caprices, which isn’t favorably to the people, as it is sidelined and captured to the corridor of the cabals and their stooges.

Their delusional minds are soaked in the bath tub of self centeredness while they have no compassion for the people like a sandpiper will have for a cat.

The nation democratic vault had been constructed to short-changed the demonstrations of her dividends to the widespread populace.

They walked in tandem pretending to be at loggerheads, as they play to the gallery while they uttered to the public in one accord saying – “Buhari has failed Nigerians and he must not return for second term”.

The thought of their plots had shape-shifted from the anatomic nature of human to banelings living underworld since it has taken over the cynosure in the political pages of national analysis.

Men are still and will continue scampering from one extreme of the democratic ring to another – all in parallel to personal aggrandizement as the interests of the populace are secondary on the enlisted priority of their criss ridden facilities.

Political squabble was considered an understatement as one side of a supposed geo-political zone is bleeding over the support of the old-broomed wrestler, and the other vociferating over the cap of the annunciated now-conventional umbrella fighter – basking on the realisation of the call for restructuring.

It is pertinent to accede that Nigeria for some years now have never favored the ordinary folks, but this is the very first time the masses are seeing the crooked elites and cabals murmuring. Hmm!!! The fact that they are complaining means something is being done to halt their crooked demeanors and mischievous ways.

Whatever it is, let the music continues. As 2019 reels in, Nigerians are urged to embrace competency and proficiency by chasing after persona merit rather than adulating party affiliations, as we aim at ostracising our once-captured minds from the dungeon of the politicking cabals amidst the superimposition of persons.

The people are keen for a political actor with political and unbiased admiration for polity and policies characterisation, and the escalation for democratic dispensations, all enclosed in the cuddling for public expectations.

Today’s cloud might looms over tomorrow’s mountain, but 2019 shall unfolds the era of epoch, smoking out the leadership illness against the wishful thinking of the cabals, and revamping the electoral relevance from the shackles of probable annihilation, like a flash of scattered lightening.

Meduoye Adeyinka, A Freelance – Benin City, Nigeria.

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