2019 Election: Young Writer, MEDUOYE Adeyinka Reminiscences On “23rd February” In This Poetic Manner

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Just like June 12 1993, when MKO Abiola was denied at the polls by IBB military regime, many believed that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the candidate of PDP was robbed also at the polls by the duo of INEC and APC government in the last presidential election held 23rd February, 2019.

The election which was adjudged as the most fraudulent election since the history of democracy in Nigeria got so many talking.

In this poetic write-ups, ACEGIST brings to you the views of one of her Guest’s Writers, MEDUOYE Adeyinka in a poetic style.

Please, take a long breath after you are done with the write-ups to meditate on his school of thought.

Let us read MEDUOYE Adeyinka in what he titles as “February 23rd”:

” In a topsy-turvy manner,
The once staggered chair is now stable,
Even in the face of daunting challenges,
As he reeled-out the figures calmly
Without drawing recourse on his stern-face

The Empire is now forcefully guided
The faceless cabals chants in adulation,
Saying – four plus four is ruthlessly here.
The Emperor continues to stare without blinks,
As he read-out his re-election speech.

The militarization of the electoral process,
The scuttling and snatching of ballot boxes,
The demonstration of political thuggery,
The invasion of street urchins and warlords,
The sporadic sounds of gunshots,

The trampling on our struggling democracy,
The thumping down of their noses,
The inducement of chaos,
The gory pierced of sharp metal blades,
All characterised our electoral demonstrations.

The no nonsense “Protector of the realm”
Wriggles his way into the upper room,
As the famous holder of the rock,
While the tagged “heir to the throne”
Was solidly stormed by brick-walls.

The media space is on the boil,
As many uttered – “Political rigging”
Some whispered – “Sham election”
Few muttered – “Electoral manipulation”
Whichever the case may be,
“Next level” is here already”.

MEDUOYE Adeyinka
Social Commentator,
Benin City – Nigeria


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