Agada Development Association Writes An Open Letter GLO Nigeria

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The operation Manager,
Glo Nigeria,
Planning Department,
Head Office,
Planning Department,
Branh Office,


The above named Association wishes to use this avenue to request for your Service in the above mentioned town (Agada).

Agada is one of the prominent towns located in Ogbabede ward in Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State.

The town is suited on a mountainous region with accessible roads and other social amenities like schools, hospitals and bore hole water.

The population size of the Area is Estimated to be around 25,000 People plus.

Other villages around Agada’s environs are: Ogbabede, Ogeneja (1&2) Udanebiomi, Ajomucha, Ajeyegba, Agojeju, Ajita, Ajagbichi, Ajatokolo, Ofugo, Ajogwoni, Ajedibo, Ajemuhaya, Ajudacha, Adumuwewo, Itakpe, Ajagi, Ateoteke, Adoji and a host of many others.

All the villages mentioned above are all less than 10km away from Agada and they are all without Telecom Network.

The population size of the villages mentioned above all put together is estimated to be around 98,000 plus.

Residents of Agada’s dwellers and its environs are predominantly Farmers and Business men and women.

The major languages spoken by Agada’s residents and its environs are Igala and English language.

The people are living in one accord as the area has not witnessed any form of violence since its formation about 120 years ago.

As, a notable agrarian area, it is a statement of fact to state it here that cashew nut that is the pride of Kogi East today are mostly gotten from the area as over 10,000 tons were gotten from the area alone during 2017/2018 cashew’s season.

Regrettably, buyers who come around to buy this produce are cut off from the rest of the world at any time they come around the area because, the area is without telecommunication service.

This development does not go down well with the buyers as most of their transactions are done online and millions of Naira are often lost anytime they come around this area.

It is on this note that we appeal to you to use your good office to extend Telecom Service to this area in order to rescue the area from this dark age.

Because of the proximity between Agada and the Villages around its environs, there is already a huge market waiting for your Company to explore as mass sited in Agada can adequately provide network for the entire Villages.

Therefore, we implore you to take advantage of this opportunity to provide this long overdue service to the area as the people of the area will co-operate with your company to make your business adventure a worthwhile.

Below is the map of Agada and other villages around its evirons as extracted from Dekina’s Local Government map.

Map showing Agada and villages Around Its Envirob

Map showing Agada and villages Around Its Envirob

From the above map, it is glaring that a huge market is already waiting for your company as the population size of the area covered by the map and outside the map, are well reasonable enough for your business boom.

Thank you in advance as you consider this area with your service in no distance time.

Yours Faithfully,

Engr. Alhaji Husseini Ajabi Sani Michael Omakoji
A.D.A National President A.D.A National Secretary
08033175282 08069605549
Hon. Attai Aidoko
Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria – Representing Kogi East

Hon Benjamin Ikani Okolo
Rep Member of Federal Republic of Nigeria – Representing Dekina/Bassa Federal Constituency

All Notable Sons And Daughters Of The Area


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