Aisha Buhari Finally Speaks On Her Husband’s Re-election Bid

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For many who might have thought the silence of the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Aisha, means she is either sitting on the fence on her husband’s reelection ambition or worse, not in support, have been proven wrong as the amiable wife of the president has finally spoken in support.

In her message which was conveyed by the Buhari Centre, Aisha said this administration is here to serve to the best of its ability, therefore, supporting her husband to continue to do so.

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The message read:

“Nigerians elected this admin based on the trust and confidence they have on my husband; I therefore feel that we’re here to serve Nigeria to the best of our ability. Let me use this opportunity to state that I support my husband in this call to service and will continue to do so,” Aisha Buhari stated.

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