Aso Rock Cabals Are Now Lesser Problem, See The Latest ‘Ruthless’ Group

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If we can go by the words of popular activist, Deji Adeyanju, the well-known influencers in Aso Rock, Cabals, as they are generally called, will now be categorised as lesser evil as he alleged that another more powerful and dangerous group has come up.

Adeyanju said the new group are younger and ruthless.

Deji Adeyanju

He said: “While Nigerians are still worrying about the Aso Rock Cabals, another more dangerous and ruthless Aso Rock gang has emerged. They are called:

“SHADOW CABINET. Unlike the cabals that are largely old and expired men, they are more ruthless. A mixture of young and old.”

Many Nigerians have however, reacted to Adeyanju’s claim.

Some of the reactions read

– Always let your statements come with solid back ups with verifiable facts. Not just conjectures & rumors… Don’t start churning out fake news again.

– That’s why he was locked up because he was saying the truth.

– Am sure Hell Rufai is one of them.

– But I dont see a shadow cabinet as evil. A shadow cabinet made of technocrats can always check-mate the main cabinet. Infact Cabals worst to shadow cabinet.

– Oga, have you ever been to Nigeria before? If you have, be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Nigeria is….. unbelievably unbelievable.

– Don’t mind him… they will sit on the fence and be dictating for those who are on the field.

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