Atiku’s Birthday Message To Obasanjo That Has Generated Controversy

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It is former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s 82nd birthday today and many from all over the country and beyond have been pouring in their best wishes, one of the conspicuous one and indeed, the one that has generated controversy, is the one from Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Atiku, who recently took to his official twitter account to wish his former boss birthday, wrote the statement below:

“A very happy 82nd birthday to you, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. No living Nigerian has given as much to Nigeria in peacetime and in war as you have. May almighty God grant you many more years in good health and continued service to Nigeria and the world at large. -AA”

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While some agreed with Atiku that Obasanjo deserves the praise, many have attacked the former Vice President for the accolades he showered Obasanjo.

Some twitter users reminded Atiku that it was Obasanjo who nailed him as a corrupt person and caused his image irreparable damage.

Some of the users wrote:

– You should also thank him for being a prolific writer. One of his most widely read books, “My Watch” has ‘helped’ your political life a lot. You cannot thank him enough for dedicating a chapter to you. Best wishes.

– A man called you a thief name that your grand children won’t be able to defend u can’t sue him that means you are guilty. If anyone should called me a thief I will sue his whole family to protect my good name Money can’t buy DIGNITY.

– Just as no LIVING Nigerian has known and exposed you more than him! Happy political relevancy retirement to both of you our former Excellencies!

– Defamation of character or exposing the true colour of Atiku? Atiku answers OBJ’s description. Does he deny the books?

– When I see this kind of picture and message then OBJ book my watch readily comes to my mind.

– This is what he gets for calling you all those names? You are both angels indeed. I hail o.

Some also used the opportunity to notice that Obasanjo has been missing in public domain of recent and sort to know his whereabouts.

– Let us know when you find him please..We want to wish him happy birthday too but he is no where to be found..


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