Breaking: Saraki Makes Powerful Remarks As PDP Begins Campaign Tomorrow

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As People Democratic party (PDP) officially kick starts her campaign tomorrow from the excellent city of Lagos, the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki has advocated for issue base campaign.

The Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki called on Nigerians to ask questions bothering on the state of Nation.

Saraki dropped this hits on his twitter handle @bukolasaraki this afternoon while reflecting on issues bothering Nigeria as a Nation.

The Senate President, who twitted severally, poses the following questions on his twitter handle earlier mentioned.

“For Nigerians, in 2019, the issues that have to be addressed are:

1. Is the economy better or worse?

2. Are more people richer or poorer than they were in 2015?

3. Are there more people suffering from hunger now?

4. Have there been more job losses under this administration?

5. Are Nigerians safer now than they were in 2015?

6. Are our military and other security agencies better equipped to tackle the Boko Haram insurgency and other security challenges than they were in 2015?

7. Is Nigeria more united now than it was in 2015?

8. Is the infrastructure in the country better than it was in 2015?

9. Is there less corruption in the country than in 2015?

Is the fight against corruption being fair to all? Or is it a tool being deployed against political opponents?

10. Are people deriving the benefits of the Rule of Law and personal liberty as enshrined in the Constitution?”

Meanwhile, PDP presidential campaign officially starts tomorrow being on 2nd December, 2018 at the city of Lagos.

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