” Dear Igala Youths, Your Witchery In Bringing Others Down Is Legendary” – Maji Isah

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Worried by the high rate of “pull down syndrome” among Igala Youths, a social media crusader, Mr Maji Isah has decried the recent attack on Professor Seidu Onailo Ogah.

In what he titles, “Dear Igala Youths, Your Witchery In Bringing Others Down Is Legendary”, Mr Maji Isah, noted with dismay why an Igala Man will write petition against his own brother on a mere allegation of “job racketeering” that has no proof.

Mr Maji Isah writes thus:

Comrade Maji Isah

Comrade Maji Isah

” Thuggery is not only when you pick up a gun, machete and other dangerous weapons to kill and to destroy, thuggery is also when you pick up your cursed pen to write just so you can bring down a fellow brother

I have read from many of you since yesterday posts aiming to bring down the image of Professor Seidu Onailo Ogah, just to score cheap political point.

I will tell you that you don’t know what you are doing and you are speaking from you uninformed position.

Seidu Oga, is one of the most intelligent and courageous Man Kogi is boosting of today.

He has served Nigeria diligently and he is still serving and has never been found wanting.

Relying on hearsay to barter his image when you don’t have an evidence to back up your claim is the hight of gullibility.

We are gradually becoming a hike in the eyes of the world for our offensive postures against a fellow brother.

You accuse Seidu Oga of Selling jobs for 2.5 million Naira yet no one has ever come out to accept he bought the job.

In fact, you don’t know anyone who bought the job from Seidu Ogah directly.

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I know more than 15 Igala sons who work in the organization today and got their jobs for free directly from the man you are trying so hard to put down.

You don’t know this man, you’ve never sat down to discuss with him on the feat he has reached in the science world today, you’ve never had contact with him.

In fact you’ve never seen him standing from afar yet you have the effrontery to judge him because you are idle and jobless.

Are you aware that the NARSDAR research Centre in Anyigba on Igala soil is one of the largest space research centres in Africa?

Do you know how many of our sons and daughters are working there and the multiplier effect on our soil?

Your gullibility won’t let you know.

How many of you have ever planted a tree in front of your house so that people can relax under?

Your mumu never do?

It is a fact that every organization in Nigeria today collects bribe to give jobs which may include NARSDAR, but you fail to understand that the head of Human resources of every organization is responsible for hiring and employing worker and Professor Seidu Ogah, is not the head of that department.

How many Okun Youths have you seen calling their people out to tarnish their image the way you do?

How many Ebira Men have you seen calling their people out just so his image can be tarnished?

In Igala land contesting election is a crime reason we never had our best hands representing us.

Your witchery is legendary when it comes to putting others down for no reason.

You should be happy to have one of your finest brains jostling for the APC ticket that everyone is afraid to show their heads.

Change your ways before its too late, we are now a joke in the eyes of the world”.

Comrade Maji Isah
Social Media Crusader
Kogi – Nigeria.

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