Deji Adeyanju Speaks From Prison, Reveals Why He Was Arrested (See Reactions)

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The embattled social media commentator, Deji Adeyanju, has spoken from the Keffi Prison where he has been remanded after being arrested by the Nigeria Police Force.

Adeyanju, in one of his tweet claimed that the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbaji, and the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, are behind his travail.

His tweet read:

“My name is Deji Adeyanju..
I am in Keffi Prison because I dared to call @ProfOsinbajo an Ole!
And I protested against the IGs involvement in politics!”

Adeyaju’s accusation has further generated quit a lot of reactions from twitter users.

See reactions:

Testimony: The ex pastor, who is supposed to be a man of honour has rubbished wat is left of his legacy as VP. Glad the whole world has seen him for wat he and his boss really are, lawless, irresponsible, disastrous and a collosal failure. I stand wit @adeyanjudeji. #FreeDejiAdeyanju

Joseph: Let Deji sort out his issues with Police, how does his lamentation link to Mr. VP? At least we all saw the police charges against him, His allegation of VP is baseless.

Naija BDM: I believe you have proof, if not then its defamation of character. Something the man has worked hard to earn.

I suggest you work on that. If not, bro enjoy the scenery. We send our regards.

Segilola: Let him remain there. Good riddance abeg.

Comrade Donkatchy: In the States, activists call @realDonaldTrump all sort of name & none of them was thrown into prison.

Until there’s true separation of power where one group checkmates another, this Zoo republic will live like stone-aged-folks forever.

Tweet_Icon: Our Prison services now make provision for phones with internet??

Why am I still struggling with rent.

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