Dino Melaye Surprisingly Receives Bashes For Warning People Of A Scam Going On In His Name

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The Senator representing Kogi West, Dino Melaye, has alerted the public to beware of fraudsters using his name to scam people, but what must have shocked the senator is the bashes he is getting for warning people.

Dino, who is seeking reelection to the upper house in the 2019 general elections warned. that some fraudsters are requesting accounts for a prize from him.

“The purported request for account to win 500k by me is fake and not from me. Please watch out for 419ners out to defraud innocent souls. SDM” Dino stated on his twitter page.

But many of the reactions Dino got must have been shocking to him because many would rather not blame the scammers but knock him.

See reactions:

Kola st.-Joel ibitoye: “Of course,any rational thinker should know that you rather spend your money on cars ,cars and more cars than making it available careless to indigent people who need it to economic survival.”

Prince Oyeyemi: “B4, i know you can’t do that, you prefer spending it on Ladies or exotic cars, those are your hobbies, we all know that.”

Heritage: “@dino_melaye I guess they learnt that from you their Mentor!”

Ogbeni Olaney: “Oga Dino, when will you give back to the people now? Habba, we are always here saying amen to your prayer but at least bless us with something for Xmas abeg….”

Purpose: “We know already that u are stingy so u don’t need to informed the public bcos we know wat u can do.”

Sembags Gafar: “It can only be used to defraud ppl wey no sabi u.wen I saw it,I just smiled and said to myself, dino wey I know is like d horse statue at d front of Lagos national theatre. D hand is glued nothing can be done to bend it except u break it.”

Irawo: “U can’t actually give any one 1 Kobo. All u know how to give is useless songs and blaming good governance.”

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