Fayose, Reno, Others Knock Buhari For Not Reacting To The Alleged Killing Of Over 100 Soldiers (Warning: Very Disturbing Photo Of Killed Soldiers)

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Unconfirmed report has been rife on social media that Boko Haram terrorist has recently killed over 100 Nigerian soldiers.

While the report is yet to be officially confirmed, many, including Ayodele Fayose and Reno Omokri have lashed out at President Muhammadu Buhari for not reacting to the disaster.

Fayose’s message read:

Over 100 soldiers killed in just one week and our President and his men are acting as if nothing happened? And the same Presidency is jumping up and down over the content of @GEJonathan book? May the soul of those soldiers rest in peace and may God restore sanity to our land.

In a series of tweet, Reno wrote:

If the ₦3.5 million Buhari uses to feed Zakzaky monthly is not enough to fund troops fighting Boko Haram, then he should borrow money from the Kano State Governor’s babanriga Bank to Fund our troops. They can’t keep dying at the hands of a better armed Boko Haram #RenosDarts

The @NGRPresident had time to

* Attack @GEJonathan for agreeing with Transparency that corruption had increased in Nigeria
* Attack Priti Patel for saying @MBuhari’s anti corruption war is a sham

But they have NO TIME to speak on the killing of over 70 troops by Boko Haram.

No national awards for the 100 soldiers killed, no national day of mourning. Slaves are better than Nigerian soldiers under cruel @MBuhari. This is a man who can run to London at public expense over his own health but can’t run to the barracks over his soldiers deaths #RenosDarts

Azuka Onwuka tweeted:

Our soldiers complain that they are being massacred for lack of appropriate weapons. Could President Buhari explain what he did with One Billion Dollars he collected late last year to prosecute the war against…

Ben Bruce shared this tweet:

100 soldiers killed and this is not a National emergency? The government and Nigerians are carrying on like nothing happened. When did we begin to care less as a country? The moment we lose our spirit of brotherhood, it’s over!

PDP however shared this disturbing photo of killed Nigerian soldiers.

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