Finally, INEC Speaks On Which Finger To Vote With

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It is three days to the much talked about Nigeria general elections. And as we inched closer to the day, there have been renewed voters’ education on which finger to vote with, which INEC has now clarified.

Many people, especially political parties who would not want their much coveted vote to be counted invalid, have taken it upon themselves to enlighten voters on the best finger to vote with.

Before now, Nigerians are traditionally used to voting with the thumb. But going by the peculiarity of this election – where there are 91 registered political parties fielding candidate for one position or the other – political parties supposed it is pertinent to change from the traditional voting with thumb.

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Reason is that, with so much political parties on the ballot paper, there will not be large enough space allotted to each party.

Hence, voting with the thumb which is larger and wider, will make the thumbprint cross to another political party’s space, thereby, rendering the vote invalid.

To curb that, political parties have taken it upon themselves to sensitize voters to rather use the index finger, with that, the space allotted for the print can be maximised without crossing over to another party’s space.

While some voters are beginning to get confused, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has thought it necessary to clear the air on the matter.

Read INEC’s statement on it below:


A voter can use any finger to vote but should ensure that his or her mark is clear and placed inside the box of the political party of his or her choice and does not stray into another box.

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