Hon Benjamin Ikani Okolo Reelection Group, Laments The Killing Of PDP’s Supporters In Kogi East

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Hon Benjamin Ikani Okolo reelection group has decried the unlawful killing of PDP’s members in Kogi East.

The group who described the development as shameful made this known while reacting to the murder of the trio of Kebiru Muhammed, and two others at PDP’s rally in Itama, a nearby village to Idah.

The group who also cried out for the attempt murder of Hon Benjamin Ikani Okolo, PDP’s Aspirant for House of Rep Dekina/ Bassa Federal constituency made its position known on the its Facebook wall and is culled and screenshot below:

“Attack on PDP supporter’s and attempts murder on Hon Benjamin Ikani Okolo’s life, they will continue to fail as God lives.

May the soul of Kebiru Muhammed and Papa egbi idah rest in peace, as God replace properties lost, the two were murdered in itama by team APC thugs of kogi east.

After believing they will call for you guys, why killing the electorate’s with gun? why attempting murder on the opponent?

APC has campaigned round okura/dekina state constituency without hindrance from the opposition party’s, why disturbing others from exercising their civic right? Are you guys showing us the achievement of APC lead government in kogi state?

The electorates are now wiser, they know the preferred candidates, people votes not gun. The enemies of the land shall be put to shame.

For those who has benefited from the peace of the land but causing havoc with the opportunity they had shall not see peace, none of their relations shall see peace for been silent, not even their children.

If a government is seeking reelection through violence, fraud, intimidation, harassment, with the aid of weapons, what will be of them if they win?

Together we shall reject them with our PVC, you can’t destroyed the peace of those you want to represent and expect them to empowered you with their PVC.

They have no achievement to campaign with except guns”.



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