Kogi Rebel Lambasts Kogi’s Awards Organizers

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It is no longer hearsay but an unfortunate reality that Nigeria as a Nation is facing economic holocaust, a situation that has led to high rate of unemployment which the resultant effects are all forms of social crimes that have bedeviled Nigeria today.

Out of this adversary, many people however, have developed skills to fetch them living as their results can no longer provide the needed jobs.

Dishearteningly, in Kogi State, some young men have carved a cheap niche for themselves as they now see praise singing, political gangsterism and the worst of it all, ‘giving of indiscriminate awards to some unmerited individuals’ … Who pay in disguise heavily for the so-called award.

This social crime perpetrated by some lazy youths of Kogi state without recourse to ‘merit & professionalism’ has received lashes from Kogi’s social Media Icons like Ahammed Shabba, Sani Michael Omakoji and many others.

The recent reaction which caught the attention of ACEGIST is that of “Kogi Rebel” as culled from his Facebook account below:

“Many people in kogi only aim for “awards” as their achievement, they dont look into the success outcomes of their hustle.

They dont concentrate on their skills as much as they concentrate on getting awards.

Most of them lobby for these awards, hence, the organisers also target those who they cab fetch money from in the name of awards.

You hear things like “sponsorship”.

Why should recipient of awards be the ones sponsoring the awards? In saner societies, awards come with monetary value for the recipients.

In kogi, reverse is the case.

I would share my own experiences later about the internal rubrics of this fiasco.

What about the unmerited selection process?

I rejected thrice to tag people to nominations to vote for me by “liking” my pictures as a way of winning.

I asked them to let it go.

That is why all these slay Queens and Kings who drop pictures and you have horngry men and women sleeping on their pictures, win awards no matter how empty they are.

I find it nauseating sometimes that awards by organisers is targeted at personal hustle.

The most annoying part is that these organisers are greedy-to-enterprise.

What I mean is that, if they organise awards this year and it comes with overflow of sponsorship, they would spend all income like prostitute criminals, forgetting to remand any money for logistics for the next edition.

So every edition, it becomes a fresh hustle, consequently, there is no growth or improvement on what was done last year.

If all of you dont change this nonsensical attitude of rubbing this state in mud with your criminal hustles, I shall be calling you out individually to a market square fight.

If we are trying to fix this state, we cannot fix only the political aspect and forget the corruption ladden entertainment industry and Award hustlers.

Every stone cold face mallo too organise awards.

Every pigmented face person”.


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