Sani Michael Omakoji, Engages Presidential Spoke Person, Fetus Keyamo

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Nigerian Social Media Commentator, Sani Michael Omakoji, engages presidential spoke person of President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr Fetus Keyamo (SAN), on NTA’s breakfast popular program title, “Good Gorning Nigeria”.

Mr Sani Michael Omakoji, who congratulated APC on the unveiling of their campaign slogan ” Next level “, tweets on his twitter handle @omakogi1 thus:

“Congratulations to APC for the launching of another slogan: In 2014, It was “Change Mantra” with 3Thematic Areas In Focus & Now that they have upgraded to”Next Level”they now have 5thematic plans. The question now is, what are their scorecards thus far before this next level?”

In a follow up tweet, Sani Michael Omakoji also said, “in Africa particularly in Nigeria,it is a common tradition that we are good at drawing up beautiful blueprints that are achievable but our problems over the years is lack of implementation. Now,does APC intends to change this status quo to achieve these articulated plans?

In swift tweet to ask the presidential spoke person, Mr Fetus Keyamo (SAN), who appears on @NTAGMN as a guest, Sani Michael Omakoji asks:

“Mr @fkeyamo, morning Sir,aside the metamorphosis of APC’s slogan from “change Mantra” to “Next Level”, what do you think are the strengths of  @MBuhari in winning 2019 election ahead of other Aspirants? Do you think his scorecards are robust enough to earn him second term?”

Meanwhile, Mr Fetus Keyamo, who couldn’t give clinical answer tweeted thus:  Replying to @OMAKOGI1 @fkeyamo and @MBuhari “SINCERELY SANI I SPEAK I MIGHT BE LYING. BUT RATHER LETS SEE THE OUTCOME OF 2019. IT IS A TIGHT RACE WE ARE SEEING. NIGERIANS WILL DECIDE COME 2019″.

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