Npower Build Beneficiaries In Kogi Embark On Dry Fasting Over Non Payments Of Their 14Months Stipends

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Npower Build Automobile Beneficiaries In Kogi have on Monday vowed to embark on “Dry fasting ” over non payments of their 14months stipends”.

Speaking to ACEGIST, the spoke Man of the group, Mr Dairu Jibrin said, “It has been 14months we started this program but many of us have never been paid a dime”.

Speaking further, Mr Dairu Jibrin added that ” on two occasions, they have protested but there has not been positive response; the most annoying part is that, some empower officials will call us at the end of the month to ask us about our Banks’ details but at the end of the month, the story remains the same”.

Recall that ACEGIST has on two occasions reported this issue following the links below: Npower Beneficiaries In Kogi Protest Round Some Major Streets In Lokoja Over Non Payment Of Their Stipends For 12Months and NPower -Build In Kogi Protest Over Non Payment Of Their Stipends For 11MonthsMonths

The group who congratulated President Muhammadu Buhari & Professor Yemi Osinbajo on their reelection also called on them to use their good offices to address their predicament.

As usual, details of the Beneficiaries not paid are on the sheet below:

7 Trainees Not Paid & Two Others Paid Marked With Star (*)

7 Trainees Not Paid & Two Others Paid Marked With Star (*)


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