Onnoghen: See Fayose, Ezekwesili, Momodu, Reno, T.J Yusuf And Shehu Sani’s Reaction

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Well, President Muhammadu Buhari seemed to have done the unthinkable by suspending the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen, and immediately swearing-in a replacement, Tanko Mohammed.

And all of a sudden, every Nigerian seems to be talking in condemnation at the same time.

ACEGIST, has therefore, compile a number of reaction from prominent people.

See reactions

T.J Yusuf: Democracy under siege.. we shall overcome.

Dele Momodu: Walahi, the noise about war against corruption should be changed urgently to war against opposition…

Reno Omokri: Why would Justice Tanko even allow himself to be used by @MBuhari? His name will forever go down in infamy. No amount of money can compensate for this tarnishing of his name by Buhari. History will remember him as a worthless JUDAS BETRAYER whose judgment is sure #TankoIsaUsurper

Reno Omokri: 1-I am not surprised at President @MBuhari’s suspension of CJN Onnoghen by and his swearing in Tanko Mohammed from Bauchi as the new CJN. It’s no coincidence that the suspension came the day Onnoghen was inaugurating the election tribunal. This is all about 2019! #TankoIsaUsurper

Reno Omokri: 2-I completely and totally reject the suspension of CJN Onnoghen by the cabal. The trumped up corruption charges against Onnoghen are before the courts, who have so far ruled in Onnoghen’s favour. King Lear madness must be resisted by voters on February 16, 2019 #TankoIsaUsurper

Reno Omokri: Why are people citing the constitution at @MBuhari? Does Buhari look like a man who respects the constitution? Did the constitution stop Buhari from overthrowing a democratically elected President Shagari? Did it stop him from serving Abacha? This man isn’t a democrat #RenosDarts.

Ayodele Fayose: A President who chose to obey a Black Market order from the CCT to illegally suspend a CJN but refused to obey Valid Court Orders on El-Zakzaky, Dasuki and others is not different from Adolf Hitler.”

Oby Ezekwezili: There are only but a few Nigerians today that are not shocked and embarrassed at the case made against the CJN but come on, Mr President @MBuhari , you have GROSSLY ABUSED the principle of Separation of Powers in our Democracy by FAILING TO FOLLOW DUE PROCESS. Reverse that ABUSE.

Oby Ezekwesili: You know what’s worse, @NGRPresident @MBuhari , it is the fact that observers of your usual nepotistic instincts could already predict where you were headed with the Judiciary. You DIVIDE your people too much by your words and actions. WE have had enough of such poor Leadership.

Oby Ezekwesili: So, I advise the @NGRPresident to immediately reverse this constitutional violation and take the matter to the @NGRSenate so 2/3 of them can consistent with their power of confirmation and sack do the right thing on this matter. Don’t truncate our Democracy. It was HARD won.

Oby Ezekwezili: Unconstitutional action! You, Mr President @MBuhari are a grave danger to our fragile Democracy. What happened to the Constitutional provision 292 on Discipline of Judges? Nigerians will not allow you the license to imperil our Democracy.
WE shall #Fight4Naija.

Shehu Sani: CJN;The suspension is nothing but wrong and unconstitutional;Any Silence or neutrality on this is consenting to illegality.Shikenan.

Shehu Sani: JUSTITIA hath been beheaded by the King;
The Head dripping in blood taken to the Palace by the knights;
The Bench has been dismantled and turned into a coffin;
The scales are filled with the feaces of the courtiers;
The sword is now the Gavel;
What hath happened to Caesar?

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