Peace Accord: Sani Michael Omakoji Leads Other Nigerians To React

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Following “peace accord” collectively signed by various Presidential Aspirants of parties participating 2019 election, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), in her usual manner featured analysts from various fields of endeavours on their popular program titled “NTAGMN” to react the the “Peace Accord”.

Though, most of the discussants are not far from each other in terms of applauding the move, – notwithstanding, One of Nigerians social media Icon, Sani Michael Omakoji leads other contributors of the program on his twitter handle @omakogi1 to say that “it is not enough to sign “Peace Accord” and that what is more important is for Aspirants and supporters alike to keep to the “peace accord” during and after the election”.

Mr Sani Michael Omakoji which NTA acknowledged for his painstaking contributions, also took time to explain the tenet of democracy as he noted that democracy is “government of the people by the people and for the people” adding that, no Aspirant should try to manipulate his or her way come 2019.

Mr Sani Michael Omakoji who tweeted severally to score his points has the following five tweets to his credit:

“2019 Election: It is not enough to sign Peace accord, as what is more important is for all Aspirants to keep to the terms of agreement to maintain peace during & after the election. Anything short of peace & agreement signed is contradictory & condemnable”

“The peace agreement should also go in Pari passu with giving journalists & Bloggers free hands to report without money inducement or social engineering to report otherwise.Perhaps,2019 should be an improvement of 2015 election in term of logistics&efficiency of machines”.

“Democracy itself is govt of the people by the people & for the people thus, it is not in the tenet of democracy practice for anyone to force himself or her self on the people hence,come 2019,Aspirants are advised to put their interest aside & allow Nigerians to decide”.

“@inecnigeria should make us proud that it is possible to conduct free & fair election in Nigeria again. Therefore, Police & other security agents who would be deployed for this national assignment should help to keep peace during & after election as being partisan is a crime”.

“Let me use this medium to sound note of warming to those Aspirants & supporters alike who are desperate for power & are booting for mayhem should their preferred candidate fail – that the wrath of our God would render them useless unless they restrain before hand”.

Other social Crusaders who contributed to the program are screenshot below:

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