Peter Obi Vs Yemi Osinbajo, Sani Michael Omakoji Points Out Misconception

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Following on Friday Vice presidential debate in which some analysts faulted Peter Obi for not quoting the exact figure, Sani Michael Omakoji, a public affair commentator per excellent has reacted.

In his reaction on his Facebook wall, Mr Sani Michael Omakoji, used simply prepositional word “about” to analyse Peter Obi’s presentation pointing out that the word “ABOUT” as used by Peter Obi suggests that Peter Obi was never definite neither specific on those figures quoted.

Mr Sani Michael Omakoji, whose reaction educated many of his followers and calmed down many unnecessary arguments posted thus:

“Some of You who are writing Literatures On Peter Obi’s Superlative Performance Yesterday saying he Quoted Wrong Figures!

If You listened to Peter Obi’s presentation yesterday, he was not specific with figures and that accounted for the reason why he used the word “ABOUT” all through.

Now, let us go back to elementary English as I ask this question: ‘What is the grammatical function of the word “ABOUT” as used by Peter Obi yesterday?

‘Though “ABOUT” occupies broad base meaning however, for the purpose of Peter Obi’s presentation yesterday, “ABOUT” functions in the sense that Peter Obi was not specific on those figures he was quoting and that implies that, the figure can/could be more or less but by and large, those figures represent facts’.

As for Osinbajo, I won’t join issues with his supporters because Osinbajo as a lawyer did well but couldn’t match up with Peter Obi who is a core professional in Management and Economics.

To me, asking Osinbajo to debate Peter Obi is like asking a Geologist to debate with a lawyer on ‘constitutional law’.

You know the outcome would be a total disaster for the Geologist.

Interestingly, It was not total disaster for Osinbajo but the truth must be told that Peter Obi outclassed him.

In a similar vain, one can image how disastrous it would have been for Peter Obi, if the questions were law based!

Party interest and individual interest aside, Peter Obi is not to be compared to Osinbajo as he is more vast and knowledgeable than Osinbajo in term of ‘Economic & Economy’

Perhaps, despite the fact that Osinbajo was consulting his IPad and note yesterday, it was evidence that being eloquent was not enough as he was talking off points and that was why Peter Obi teased him yesterday that “you abandoned your shop to chase criminal is no sense as that is not a policy…. In deeper interpretation, APC has not done much to fight corruption apart from maiming and shaming that has become the hallmark of their administration.

In this modern world, you don’t fight corruption with koboko or using security architecture as a vendetta against perceived opposition rather you use ICT to fight corruption thus reason why Goodluck introduced BVN, TSA, NAPI , Card Readers…. all aimed to fight corruption…

To be continued”.

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