Photos Of Goodluck Visiting Wounded Soldiers In The Past And Buhari’s Visit Today Compared

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It is election era, a such, everything now is politics!

President Muhammadu Buhari today paid a visit to Maiduguri, the Bornu State capital, to commiserate with the soldiers over their fallen colleagues during the recent renewed fatal attacks by Boko Haram terrorist.

As one of his scheduled tour, he paid a visit to the wounded soldiers still in the hospital.

Buhari on his twitter page, shared a picture of his visit to the wounded soldiers with the caption below:

“Today in Maiduguri I visited our wounded troops. Across the Northeast we have officers and men fighting bravely and tirelessly to keep our country safe from terrorism and violence. I salute their sacrifice on our behalf. And may the souls of the fallen rest in peace.”

However, as earlier noted, it is politics era, so Reno Omokri wouldn’t let his observation of the picture shared by Buhari slide.

The popular social media commentator took to his twitter page to compare the then visit of President Goodluck Jonathan to wounded soldiers in same Maiduguri to that of Buhari’s visit today.

The picture came with the caption below:

“The difference between a ruler and a leader. @MBubari went to Maiduguri to see our troops in hospital and waved to them like a star. @GEJonathan did the same 4 years ago and he touched the soldiers and felt their pain. You can fake a visit. You can’t fake compassion #RenosDarts.”

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1 comment on “Photos Of Goodluck Visiting Wounded Soldiers In The Past And Buhari’s Visit Today Compared

  1. Ben

    U can’t compare Goodluck Jonathan to Buhari GEJ was a leader With Compassion for soul the inverse is GMB… GMB no dey smile ooo who send u go die..


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