“Political Selfishness: The Albatross Of Development In Omala” By, Samuel Achegbulu

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The general election is around the corner: it is that time again where the people decide who represent or who govern them …. Thus, in this expository article, ACEGIST’s Guest Writer, Samuel Achegbulu, xrays “Political Selfishness: The Albatross Of Development In Omala”

Many persons have agreed that politics is a game of interest .

Politicians have gone further to demonstrate it as a game of personal interest.

I do not have a problem with that.

However, when these interests, (communal or personal) become selfish, then, there’s a problem.

Within the local Igala parlance, there is a consistent recurring aphorism which says “unless the people anoint a king, an individual cannot exercise kingship”.

Again, it stresses that the king makes the people and the people makes the king.

The preponderance of self glorification and individually conjured self honorarium as a matter of truism has become the bane and source of our failure as a political organic progression both in politics and structural advancement of Omala as a people.

To this end, individually perpetrated self interest, garnished and masqueraded intent has continued to obliterate the eternally communal needs as encapsulated in the lofty tenets of democracy as practiced within the prism of international best standard.

Hence, we continually fall short and face flat in the mud and dunghill of democratic self aggrandisement and individually conceived avarice like a leech which notoriously sticks to our skin and sucks our blood.

This crop of political adventurers, if allowed, continues to pull the strings of progress within the Omala geographical and political contractions.

Opening the Pandora’s box, let the truth be told.

Omala as we all know, have come of age and these accidents of political adventurism must be unmasked and revealed in the full glare for who they are, what they stand for and the hypocrisy that has become their enduring idiosyncrasies.

I therefore task the Omala elders to talk to one another.

They know who is what, who did what and how Omala was run aground.

Their genuine advice and support will help the younger ones in their quest to turn the tables of miss leadership.

The “me ” and “I” philosophy that has become preponderance and continually resonating, invokes the correlation with an Igala cultural exponent who, in a self conceited artistic construct promotes this rather irreconcilable posture of a contrast between public servitude and the “Me” or “I” philosophy sang , ” I possess the fastest stallion so, I possess the race” – Quintessential Paul Onalo Odi.

When in pursuit of individualistically vested interest, individuals, shrouded in a maze of self celebration, jettison public service within the smoke screen of self deceit, they run fowl of what democracy espoused.

To this end again, let us first and foremost put in clear perspective what constitutes public service in the real sense; a construct which has continually blurred servitude as an ideal principle.

Public service entails doing something that helps or benefits the people in a particular community rather than making profit.

This clearly shows that public service is all about the people’s welfare.

Of course, we cannot deny knowing what improves the people’s welfare.

In fact, anyone who doesn’t know what his people need and methods of solving their problems should not vie for political office.

The general elections keep drawing near.

Contenders on the various platforms are no longer hidden.

It is however worrisome that some persons think and believe that political offices in Omala belong to them by right and that if they are not on that seat, they must pick, anoint and crown a candidate of their choice.

Enough of this individual king making in Omala!

Let the people choose and make their political leaders.

Also, no matter how good a candidate appears to be, there are these groups of persons who always feel they are better or that they must be consulted and therefore lead the campaign against that candidate.

Interestingly, most of the persons who take this position against a candidate are closely related by either blood, geographical space, age or class to that candidate.

Then they gather like the gathering of fowls where this innocent candidate, like the cockroach cannot be innocent.

Sam Ewing lamented , “Nothing is so embarrassing as watching someone do something you said could not be done. ”

I think this is jealousy.

Prince Collins Musa is the APC candidate for House of Assembly, Omala State constituency.

We now hear rhetorical questions like “why him? ” “must it be Him? “, “how can it be him? “, “is he better than me? “, “how qualified is he? “, “does he have money? ” and so on.

Have we ever come to think of the hand of God in this?

There are so many better persons according to the standard of the world but how come Prince Collins Musa emerged as candidate of a big party who have accepted him as their candidate when some persons do not yet know who the candidate of their party is.

Let us ponder on this admonition from the bible which is in contrast to the Paul Odi self glorification position earlier mentioned.

“I returned and saw under the sun, the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor riches to men of understanding , nor yet favour to men of skills, but time and chance happeneth to them all.” (Ecclesiastes 9:11)

Will I be wrong if I say that this is the time of Prince COLLINS MUSA to represent Omala in the Kogi State Assembly?

It would amaze you to know that some self acclaimed power brokers in Omala do not see Prince Collins Musa as corrupt enough to do their bidding.

People of my father’s race, is it a crime for an upright person to aspire for such position?

PLATO insisted that ” The punishment suffered by the wise who refuse to take part in Government is to live under the government of bad Men.”

Besides, CHARLES DE GAULLE declared in his troubled days “…and politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.

“David Lloyd George then describes a politician as a person whose politics you do not agree with and if you do, then that person is a statesman.

Many a statesman has just read this. Why not support Prince Collins Musa to get there?

Samuel Achegbulu writes from Lokoja. He is the SA, Media to UKOMU OMALA 2019

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