Presidential Candidate Shocks Supporters, Says She Might Vote For Atiku

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The presidential candidate of the National Interest Party (NIP), Eunice Atuejide has surprised all her supporters, and indeed, everyone as she publicly declared her support for the Peoples Democratic Party’s candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Atuejide said after watching the impressive performance of the duo of Atiku and his running mate, Peter Obi on NTA live programme, The Candidate,  she might vote for Atiku/Obi despite she being in the race.


Atuejide in her message on Twitter, urged her supporters to also vote for PDP‍.

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Read her full message

Still on the NTA #TheCandidates matter.
I, Eunice Atuejide will not step down from the race to the Presidency. So, all my supporters who won’t consider voting for #Atiku @aatiku and #PeterObi should please go ahead and vote for me.

But, let me tell you one of my honest, yet very bitter truths. Yesterday 30th Jan 2019 I saw @kadariaAhmed deal mercilessly with #Atiku and #Obi on #NTA News’s The Candidates and for the first time in my entire life, I was a proud Nigerian. For the first time in our electoral history, we actually have a formidable set of Nigerians vying TOGETHER for the Presidency. Men of relative integrity who are ready to sacrifice for us all. Please don’t start debating #OBJ’s accusations against #Atiku with me, because every research I was part of to find corrupt people in Nigeria always found OBJ and never found Atiku till date. So, shove it mbok!

And someone will now ask me what about you, Kingsley @moghalukingsley, Fela @feladurotoye, Omoyele @yelesho etc.
Abeg my dear people, let’s call a spade a spade mbok. The duo of #AtikuObi beat all of us packed together and remained change. I didn’t even know Atiku could speak English, talk less of seriously discuss policy issues….🤨Anyway, there are people in my crew that would rather die than vote #AtikuObi, so for those ones – I am in the race to the Presidency to the finish lines. Yes, waste your votes on me because it is a question of personal convictions.

But, those who are undecided, or afraid to hurt or offend me, I tell you my loved ones I FREE YOU ALL bcos even I might vote #AtikuObi. Why? The Nigeria they promised us last night is the Nigeria of my dreams. And guess what? They have a millionth more chance of getting in than I, and all the other alternative candidates have. Plus, like Peter Obi rightly pointed out, the worst of the old PDP have crossed over to APC – hopefully NEVER to return again. So guys, we need to look away from the platform and look at the candidates.

Let’s do right by our country and her people this once mbok!

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