Read What People Are Saying About Dr Victor Alewo Adoji Candidature

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There is no denying the fact that the race for Kogi East Senatorial district is on.

In the past, the race has been between the candidate of PDP and APC.

However, the narrative has changed with the emergence of Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji of ADC who is not only commanding the mammoth crowd but also got some prominent people of the area talking.

In this special report, ACEGIST’s Guest Writer, Omachi Isaac Achor brought these cross sections of opinions from people of Kogi East with himself not left out of the opinions on what people are saying about the candidature of Dr Victor Alewo Adoji of ADC for Kogi East Senatorial Seat.

1. Omachi Issac Achor ( A Social Commentator, Agbemnema – Anyigba )

“Before we began to converse and support him, we took out time to under study him and compare him with other aspirants, and we find out he is not only the most outstanding, but a man of vision, greatly worried about the poor conditions of the people, unsatisfied with the increasing level of poverty and suffering in Kogi East and he is solely out to correct these ills”.

2. Aio White
(Spokes person DVAA Campaign Organization.)

” We have always lack a voice in the Hallowed chamber, in fact it seems Kogi East has not had a senator in the last eight years, but with DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI up there, we will have a voice that will converse strongly and better the life of our people”.

3. Joseph Nicodemus Mawedo
(Host KLTBT Initiative)

“I have met DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI in person, we have spoken at length, and i have been privileged to look at his aspirations, having such a vibrant individual in the Nigerian Senate will indeed be one of the greatest achievement of the 2019 elections”.

4. Adeboh Jonathan Smart
(A Social commentator)

” You can’t compare a vibrant and a people oriented DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI with Sen Atai Aidoko who failed us for eight years, or an Echocho who has betrayed the igàla nation”.

5. Moses Ojoagefu Apeh
(Member Kogi East Rebirth Forum)

” To me, DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI’s involvement in politics is a blessing to not just Kogi East but to the entire state, and the large support he has been pulling has affirmed this”.

6. Faith Akubor
(A social commentor)

” When you are supporting an aspirant like DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI, it is very easy to market him, because amongst his fellows, he always has a better aspiration”.

7. Comrade Maji Isah
(A social commentor.)

“The likes of DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI are very few, it is indeed a privilege to have one of his kind from Kogi East”.

8. Elder Paul Ocheni
(idah,Kogi state)

“Amongst them all DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI has been more concerned, he was with us during the Oganeinegu Herdsmen crisis, he was with us at Ibaji during the flood, he was with us when we paid a courtesy visit to Bassa on the recent crisis there, he goes to hospitals to relief our poor of their bills, he has been sponsoring hundreds of our children in school, none of the other aspirant is closer to the people than he is, who else will serve us better if not such individual?”.

9. Comrade Felix Ojoachele
(Speaker Igalà Youth leaders Assembly)

” DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI is an asset to Kogi East and every body knows that he is the right man for the job”.

10. Comrade Honourable Joshua Moses
(A social Commentor)

” If you are tired of bad representation, if you are tired of senators who sleep, senators who have no single bill to their name…then secure your votes for DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI”.

11. Onuche Josiah
(Sec. Lighten Path Initiative, Lokoja)

” There is abject poverty in Kogi East, there is hardship and suffering at every corner of the constituency and only one Man has the capacity to lead us out of it and it is DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI”.

12. Yusuf Ibrahim Ahmed
(A social commentor)

” At a time like this when all efforts have failed, when those who we gave our support disappointed us and left us to wallow in abject poverty, the emergent of DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI is the same as finding a new Hope….”.

13. Akwu S. A Eneojo.
(Convener newkogieast initiative)

” There is no constituency in Nigeria that will have some one like DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI aspiring to represent them and will not gladly support him”.

14. Master P.
(A social commentor)

” In as much as we are not in DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI’S camp – we know he is the best hand for the job”.

15. Robert Arome Eboh
(social commentator from olamaboro )

” The mammoth crowd was not paid for, he has never given anybody a kobo to come for his rally, rather the large crowd is just a show of the people’s undiluted love for DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI”.

16. De Mas
(An advocate for Good governance)

” The doggedness and passion to serve in DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI reminds me of Late Dr Steven Makoji Achema”.

17. Elder David Alifa.
(One time zonal coordinator the ANPP)

“we the women are also supporting DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI because we are certain he won’t neglect us like the rest.

18. Iyé Ekpò
(A trader in Ankpa)

” we heard he has never been accused of any fraud, such a person will be very accountable and our allocation will be safe”.

19. Elizabeth Akowe
(A student,KSU)

“Segregation has always been what we get from the igàla’s who have been senators representing us in Kogi East, but there is some thing about DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI that makes us the Bassas believe he won’t segregate us”.

20. Ayuba Maji
(A Social Commentator From Atiaja Anyigba)

” A lot of us supporting DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI are driven by his doggedness, his strong concern for the people of Kogi East and his relentless effort to see that the constituency is salvaged…with him,Kogi East will be better again”.

21. Musa Abbas (KSU)

” Dr Victor Alewo Adoji is a philanthropist who has helped me as a student in KSU. He gave me scholarship for the past 3 years of my studies and i will not relent to support him”.

22. Aisha Danjuma (Ijoji Egume)

” I will vote for DR Victor Alewo Adoji as long as i am still alive because he helped me when i was inflicted with a very tough illness. I ran to him and he supported me with reasonable amount of money which I used to cure the sickness”

23. Ademu Akowe (From Odu Ate)

“Today I am a 100 student of business administration in ksu through the jamb and NECO, Dr Victor Alewo Adoji purchased for many of us in 2017 and in return, I shall vote for him”.

24. Ibrahim Abdulmalik (Malikberry social commentator from ofeko Anyigba )

” Beyond reasonable doubt, Dr Victor Alewo Adoji is the most qualified person to run for kogi East senatorial seat, my good people of kogi East you need Victor and Victor need you”.

25. Friday Godwin (certified sociologist aka Mr Governot)

” We have men and women who inspire people, men who like divine agents, putting smiles on the faces of the people. Dr Victor Alewo Adoji is one of such men. He is coolheaded, principled and ideological driven. He has proved his mettle”.

26. Umar Dan Aji ( social commentator)

” Good politician he is, who believes in taking care and maintaining the unity of the people he seeks to represent, he must also believe that community service is about giving back to the people. I stand with Dr Victor Alewo Adoji. He is the messiah Kogi East has been waiting for a better representation. A vote for victor is a vote for development”.

28. Haj Salmat Mirwatul-Faidah (KSU)

“Let’s take great salute and put service of kogi east above self’s and vote for DVAA with humility from far and near, to unanimously work and build kogi East of our own because DVAA is dynamic enough to meet new challenges and become the leading leader to mobilize the teeming populations for the promotion of unity, love, understanding, sustainable development, self reliance and preparedness toward challenging leadership”.

DVAAs core values are patriotic, transparency, integrity, efficiency, commitment, confidence, courageous, supportive and Team work and these values we share.

28. Jafaru Muhammed ( A social commentator)

” We always have good things in DVAA because of God’s divine and direction today is good to present us and DVAA’ s project will continue to be good by the grace of God”.

29. Usman Banana Jnr

” Who is Dr Victor Alewo Adoji? DVAA is God fearing man, a man that believes in youths, a man that has done so much for lgala Nation;
A silent achiever,
A record breaker,
A channel of blessings to lgala Nation
A symbol of success to lgala Nation”.

30. Muhammad B Muhammad (social commentator from Abuja FCT)

” Dr. Victor Adoji’s project is one that is grounded in reality and we must apply our mastery in political equations and permutations of the environment to be able to achieve our goals.

This is our cross and it is important we carry it to the right destination.

Victor is an orator who is good in rhetorical skills and could use that to substantiate and articulate Igala issues and agenda in a precise didactic manner.
Adoji solution is the key”.

31. Dr Bernard Anthony Ojonugwa ( An Academician Per Excellent)

” In my study, people go into politics as either a means of gaining employment, investment or creating wealth. But Dr. Victor has proved us wrong. My notion about Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji makes me to describe him as an incomparable legislative choice for Kogi East. He’s a social contractor, a legislative threat favouring the people of Kogi and the propeller of the people’s voice. We need an immaculate achiever like Victor. The multiplier effects for having him in Kogi East will have no bound

My PVC, my Victor for victory. Not political threats can change this choice”.

32. Sani Michael Omakoji ( A Social Media Crusader / A Blogger @ From Agada, Ogbabede)

” Though many people know me as Atiku’s ( PDP Presidential Candidate For 2019) supporter, but I have come to that level in my life where I place ‘premium’ more on ‘personality’ than a ‘party’.

I chose to support Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji of ADC above any other Aspirant, looking at his track records on humanitarian, charity, and his mental capacity he has demonstrated over the years at Zenith Bank where he has won several awards of “Excellent in service”.

In summary, with such an intelligent Fellow who has displayed highly level of humility and kind hearted attitude, I know for such that he would propel and attract development to Igala land if elected as a Senator.

Igalas, Bassa and other tribes in Igala axis, let us not miss this ample opportunity, as I urge us all to vote Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji to Kogi East Senatorial District.

Please don’t just read, share and let others get to know about people oriented candidate.

Complied by
Omachi Isaac Achor.
A Social Media Influencer/
Social Media Commentator

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