Sani Michael Omakoji Leads Other Social Media Crusaders To Kick Against “Age Limit In Employment”

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A notable social media commentator, Sani Michael Omakoji, has led other social media crusaders to kick against “Employers setting Age Limit For Employment”.

Mr Sani Michael Omakoji, who is a regular contributor on a popular program at Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) call ” Good Morning Nigeria” made his stand known while reacting to the topic via his twitter handle @Omakogi

In his contributions, Mr Sani Michael Omakoji, maintained that, there is no justification setting age limit in employment adding that setting age limit in” employment limits: intelligent, competent, capability, & professionalism.

Three of Mr Sani Michael Omakoji’s tweets in which discussants could not agree less are culled below:

“There is no justification for setting age limit considering Nigerian Factors: For example, Somebody who went to University at the age of 21 but ended up graduating at the age of 28 for 4yrs course because of ‘strike’ & Employers setting age limit of 25. Is this right?”

“Setting age limit in employment should not have a place in our system. Perhaps, I do not know where we borrow some of these retrogressive rules from as there are not like that in some of these Nations we are looking unto. Thus, there is urgent need to restructure our system”

“Setting age limit in employment is like limiting the age bracket of potential employees whereas intelligent, competent, capability, & professionalism do not all respect age as one can be endowed with those elements irrespective of age. These ignorance & injustice must stop!”

Other Social Media Crusaders’ views who agreed with Sani Michael Omakoji’s position are screenshot beneath:


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