Sani Michael Omakoji, Leads Other Social Media Influencers To Tackle INEC

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A popular social media influencer, Mr Sani Michael Omakoji, led other social media influencers to tackle Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on the reasons given for last week Elections reschedule.

Mr Sani Michael Omakoji, who says if Nigeria is a sane society, INEC ought to be sued for damages also expressed shock why such postponement has to come at the eleven hour.

Sani, who is a regular viewer of a popular program on Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), made his views known on his twitter handle @Omakogi1 as he tweets thus:

“If after four years of preparation Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) could not have discovered that they have “logistics & operational challenges”,how are we sure that one week extension is enough for them to fix thing properly? Why are we ridiculing ourselves like this? Is so sad & regrettable

With what INEC has done, it is glaring that even institution of govt of high profile like INEC
is making caricature of our great Nation Nigeria. Some of us have lost confidence in the entire process & we doubt if these elections would be free & fair. Is so,so, unfortunate.

If Nigeria is a sane society, INEC ought to be facing litigation for”damages”as many Nigerians had already travelled to their wards & poling units for the elections before INEC’s Postponement at the eleven hour. Now, what happen to sensitive materials already exposed?

It was a shock of the decade that INEC postponed elections because of “logistics & operational challenges” The questions are; shouldn’t INEC have discovered these challenges at least 3days before elections? What have they prepared for? Is INEC not doing review mechanism?”

Other social Media influencers who contributed to his views are screenshot below:



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