Sani Michael Omakoji, Leads Others To Call For Parliamentary System Of Govt

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A Public Affair Commentator who also doubles as a Social Media influencer, Mr Sani Michael Omakoji has led other social media crusaders to agitate for “parliamentary system of government”.

Mr Sani Michael Omakoji who is described by many as a versatile commentator per excellent, made this known on Wednesday morning while reacting to the popular program on Nigerian Television Authority ( NTA ) with the topic of discussion as ” Should Nigeria Go Back To Parliamentary System Of Government Or Not?”.

According to Mr Sani who made his position known via his twitter handle @Omakogi1, he noted that most countries in Europe who are doing well run parliamentary system of government which he added is less expensive and cumbersome to run.

His tweets are culled in series of quotations below:

“Parliamentarianism is the dominant form of government in Europe, with 32 of its 50 sovereign states being parliamentarian. Interestingly,we are craving to become like some of these Nations. In factual term, if we must become like them, we must run their kind of system”.

“One of the commonly attributed advantages to parliamentary systems is that, it is faster and easier to pass legislation, as the executive branch is formed by the direct or indirect support of the legislative branch and often includes members of the legislature”.

” From my two tweets above, we have noticed that Parliamentary system is dominant in Europe & Law can be easily passed. On this note, if we put politics aside & run the system as it should be, parliamentary system will favour us than the present presidential that is expensive to run…”

” We all know that presidential system of govt is more expensive & more cumbersome to run compare to parliamentary system: With our meagre resource orchestrated by decline in revenue & high exchange rate… We need something that is less expensive like ‘parliamentary system of government’ “.

“We cannot continue to live in fool paradise as presidential system of government is ideally meant for buoyant Nations. Now, let us ask ourselves; are we buoyant enough? Should it be wise to run something less expensive & cumbersome? Are we making headways this in current sys?”

” Often time, when we talk about restructuring of our system, some people bring in politics & ignorance to quash the idea perhaps, changing from presidential system of govt to parliamentary sys of govt is part of restructuring we are talking about. Restructuring is not ‘secession’ “.

In a nutshell, if we must advance as a Nation, there is urgent need to restructure our system in term of political & economic perspective. Our new political system should embrace parliamentary system instead of the current presidential system of govt that is expensive to run”.

Some other social crusaders who contributed to the program have their views captured as follows:  

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