The Level Of Jungle Justice And Its Illness In Nigerian Society By Meduoye Adeyinka

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We are in a society where due process is relegated to the background; abuse of power has become the order of the day & “jungle justice” reigns supremely as citizenry have taken advantage of the porous system to unleash social crime.

It is on this note that ACEGIST’s Guest Writer, Meduoye Adeyinka writes on “Jungle Justice And Its Illness”.

Let us read the sociology of Meduoye Adeyinka, on this topic:

“Abeggg, i use God name take beg una, make una forgive me, i no go do am again…chai, i don die ooo” the lynched young man pleaded and cried helplessly to the mercy of the angry mobsters, who had just caught him, trying to escape after a thieving act, since he had snatched a bag from a woman.

Thick Sticks, heavy stones, bottles and all kinds of metallic objects kept flying and sounding aloud, as fierce and mixed concentrated of grouses and slaps were been deposited on his dark-hard skin.

Ohh, he was inflicted with excruciating pains, as he looked up like a crucified drunkard, to the hazy cloud hovering above without uttering a word.

Blood was gushing out of him, as the angry street warlords never cease to abolish their ongoing heinous act perpetrated in broad daylight.

“Bastard, thief – naso dem dey thieve upandan, for ur next life, u no go try am again” – one of the mobsters uttered in local parlance, while onlookers kept muttering to the gory happening of the now”

He was at the cynosure of the ugliest dying experience, as he made a non-achieving attempt to crawl away since he was now deeply drenched in the pool of his own blood, but fagged out, exhausted and worn out”.

“His once energetic pace dropped in a twinkle without drawing recourse on his failed strength, while he quietly surrendered to the brutal reality of an agonising death”.

The street urchins and warlords waste no time in sorting for tires, accompanied with a complimentary volumes of petrol – “puff, he was set a blazed, while the fiery onlookers continues to scattered in different direction.

“Yes, him don die” -another muttered in affirmation.

The struggle to curb the preponderance of immoralities in our societal corridor must be challenged with an objective to ameliorate justice and tranquility in order to shun the scourge of chauvinism and bigotry.

The siege mentality, that cut across ethnic and religious divides must be closely and properly addressed through reorientation exercise, and reviews notion that pitched us against others.

The disdain for self-justice characterisation – the hunger to lynch – the quickness to infliction of pains and marks of scars – the unwarranted cuddling for apprehension – the ambience of jubilation to humiliate, without minding whose ox is gored, are greater societal disasters that continue to infiltrate into our extra-judicial killings.

To some perpetrators of this crime, such punishment melted out of their victims are well deserved.

It is justice served and punitive measures implored.

They feel they have a right to decide whether criminal lives or dies.

And for the conscientious ones, it is the height of wickedness and quite barbaric.

It is sad and disgusting that a society could easily slide into such extreme acts of callousness and barbarism in the clime of modernity.

We must respect the sanctity of human life, which is by far too invaluable to be subjected to such gory experience, and which is anchored on the sacred actions of life, and the fact that no one has the earthly right to take it away.

Our judicial system is dysfunctional and corrupt, hence paving way for the lost of credibility, in the law enforcement agency.

An anonymous once quote thus “It is unlawful to be lawful in a lawless society”.

The judicial system is supposed to be embroiled as the custodian of the policy implemention without ignoring the actualisation of its law, for oppression and violence, to be replace with justice and tranquility.

Jungle justice is a serious issue eating into the chambers of the nation judicial system.

Its might not be scattered on pages of newspapers, its might not hit the base of the media space for an eye-catching headline, but its does happen in every corner of our society day-in-day-out.

Why do people engage in mob action and go scot free??

What are the government, security agencies and judiciary doing to halt this heinous act??

One of the pivotal causes in the proliferation of jungle justice, is in the sharp decline and erosion of the state authority.

The weakness and failure of the state in ensuring the safety and security of a citizen is largely to blame.

A scenario, when a figment of human population take upon themselves the responsibility of inflicting heavy penalty and excruciating pains on an alleged offender/criminal without first, proving him guilty of the offense.

Those who engage in this ugly act readily justify their action on the premise of complications involved in getting criminals punished through the legal process.

They often express gross disdain for the justice sector, which they tagged as corrupt and inept.

It is somehow overtly emotional and extremely irrational.

Is mob action the only solution in halting crimes and criminalities??

Or is it a preferable among Nigerians??

The obvious is that the gathered masses seem not too keen when it comes to reporting such offensive cases to Nigerian police.

Some wouldn’t want to be the ones to do the reporting, because of the mischievous acts celebrated by these security personnel.

One way or the other, one might see oneself, knee-deep in what they know nothing about.

On the other hand, some people have lost either hope or trust in the Nigerian justice system or the executive.

Some people claim that suspects are most times set free and walk the streets as though they never committed a crime.

In an ordinary local street in Nigeria, a single trial can take years.

As a result, some group of people, parading themselves as unwarranted judges, would rather bring justice to seat on the streets, right before the security personnel or police men come to the rescue of an alleged suspect.

Unfortunately, in most cases, suspects are already whirled up in hot burning flames, gnashing their teeth, and fighting for their dear lives.

Justice in the ordinary street in Nigeria seems to have lost its credibility and voice.

This is why lynching and mob justice prevails and takes the center stage, without contradicting its palliative measures.

It is pertinent that when an alleged suspect is being apprehended, the best option to induce at that point in time, is to call the police or security personnel, to effect an arrest, in order to prevent the lynching action of the supposed crime suspect by angry mobs, parading themselves as streets judges.

Presently, everything revolves around an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth.

There is chaos, tension, agitation and bitterness, everywhere in the land, and people act more, out of strong impulse than reason.

That is why someone who is caught in the very act of stealing and thieving is quickly stripped naked, beaten up, and he goes up in flames.

Most times, no questions are asked: it is as though people are more blood thirsty, fully expecting the fangs of negativities in the society, in a quest to vent their frustration on these days.

Lynching and mob killing now seems to be one of the avenues people either use to vent their anger and frustration, or send a clear message to the government of the day.

Then social media will be on the boil, as the face of the alleged suspect flies via the media space: ‘it goes viral’ is now regarded as the slang of the century.

In most cases, some must have been caught committing a heinous crime or offence, such as: stealing of female pants for rituals,, pedophile, armed robbery, kidnapping, ritual killing, and others”.

_Meduoye Adeyinka_
A Social Commentator
Edo – Nigeria

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