This Is Epic, “Even Garba Is PDP Achievement,” Reno Added As He Lists PDP’s Achievement

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Campaign has fully begun, and social media is really getting the more interesting as the two major contending parties; the APC and PDP are hitting hard to outclass each other on stating the achievements of their parties.

The two major characters that have been on each other’s throat on this are Garba Shehu, representing APC and Reno Omokri, representing PDP.

Listing the achievement of PDP, Reno has this to say:

I remind @Garshehu that

* The GSM he uses to insult PDP
* The EFCC Buhari uses to harass PDP
* TSA Buhari boasts about
* BVN that is eliminating corruption
* Cashless policy that helps stop money laundering

Are all @OfficialPDPNig achievements

Even Garba is a PDP achievement!

Reno further added this:

I urge @GarShehu to grow a spine and tell his boss the truth about his corrupt laden administration instead of insulting @OfficialPDPNig , the very party which brought Garba to national relevance. No PDP President would go to Paris to praise a @GovUmarGanduje caught taking bribes.

AceGist Note: Recall that Garba Shehu headed Atiku’s media team all along until Buhari won the APC primaries in 2014 when Atiku ceded Shehu to Buhari to help project his image.

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