Twitter On Fire As Nigerians React To The Arrest Of Deji Adeyanju

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Twitter is currently on fire as Police arrest Nigerian social Activist , Mr Deji Adeyanju.

Mr Deji Adeyanju was arrested while on peaceful protest today in Abuja, the Nation Capital on what he titled “Police Not Politician”

Mr Deji who is also advocate of good governance has been arrested severally under this government in the cause of agitating for good governance and justice for all.

Meanwhile, a lot of Nigerians have taken to their twitter handles to protest Deji’s arrest using hashtag #FreeDejiNow

some of those reactions are qouted and screenshot below:

“Police Arrest Deji Adeyanju, while Leading Protest to demand the Neutrality of the Police in the forthcoming General Election”.

When citizens can’t freely express themselves via statements or protest without being intimated or arrested by agents of state, then democracy is no longer in practice! B gd”

“Dear @MBuhari,

 how does arresting@ adeyanjudejit ranslate into an achievement? You and your gang of hyenas are hell bent on destroying every single civil institution in this country but we shall resist you within the ambit of the law. #FreeDejiNow”

“The @PoliceNG arrested @adeyanjudeji and two other persons this morning for protesting against Police involvement in politics, I learnt they are planning to charge him to court, I wonder what the charge will me. This is what democracy has reduced to under Buhari. #FreeDejiNow “

“This goverment continues to prove they are anti-democracy. The citizens no longer have rights to talk. They want us to swallow their incompetence and keep quiet. Enough is enough #FreeDejiNow”

“@adeyanjudeji Arrested by the Police in Abuja for holding anti Buhari protest. This is about the 4th time that Deji will be arrested for doing what is enshrined in our constitution – freedom of association and protest. Wait, is this still civilian rule? B gd.”

“The Buhari admin is sending a message; that if anyone dares protest, they will be shot by the military, or illegally arrested and detained. The Nigerian Police must be reminded they work for the Nigerian people and not for Buhari. #FreeDejiNow”

“Since the inception of this government, we have had to trend the free # almost on a daily basis. Now it’s #FreeDejiNow … For how long will this government continue to act like it’s a Military government. #FreeDejiAdeyanjuNow”

“@adeyanjudeji It is really unfortunate that fundamental human right in which”freedom of expression”is enshrined is now in danger as”social engineering”is the order of the day.The incessant arrest here and there is a threat to our democracy that portents bad image. #FreeDejiNow ”

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