Weac Benson Eboh Gives Risible Comments Ahead Of His Wedding.

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A Popular Igala Comedian, Waec Benson Eboh, thrilled his committee of Friends to an uncontrollable laughter on Sunday evening when he made a surprise visit to the committee who are planning ahead of his wedding slated for 19th and 20th April, 2019.

It was about 5:13pm on 14th Sunday evening, when the Committee of Friends For Weac Benson Eboh’s wedding gathered at Transcorp Hilton Abuja to deliberate on the progress made so far and areas that need attention … Suddenly, there was a knock at the Conference Room Hall, and behold, here comes Waec Benson Eboh himself in his Igala’s regalia and everyone presence stood amazed as his presence was least expected at that material time.

Exchange of pleasantry puts the deliberation on hold for a moment and Waec Benson Eboh in whose honour a meeting was holding took the advantage of the moment and quickly announced his presence as he said thus; ” Ladies and gentle, ordinarily I knew I am not supposed to be here but I felt I should be here to thank you all for the effort you are making towards the success of my wedding”.

He continued, “As I am here, there are many issues waiting for me to attend to but that is not a case to worry about at the moment, hence, as part of your plan towards my wedding, I want you to give me three guys who would help me to checkmate the wedding gifts”.

” I learnt that some people use to envelop N50, N20 and even N10 as wedding gift and they expect you to give them back gifts worth thousands perhaps, this is not going to work in my own case as the three guys I requested earlier would unveil all envelopes and wrapped gifts to know people who are behind this kind of practice”.

” Anybody who wants to put me such amount of money should not put it in an develop, perhaps, if I use this tactic in view many of them would stay away from such deceptive act…”

As members of the committee try to recover from this such interlude of comic relief, he said, “oh my ACEGIST ( Sani Michael Omakoji) you here? I know you are going to report me on your blog site at www.acegist.com please, help me add this; If you are the one that is going to pick the spraying money on my wedding day, please I beg you in the name of God we serve, any money people are going to spray my wife, arrange it and give it back to me please because I’m going to return it back to where I borrowed it from. Just take note, No mistakes please”.

He walked away as everyone presence were still in a laughing mood.

Click below to listen to Weac Eboh Benson’s Wedding Announcement.

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