“You Are Sick Both Body And Soul”, OBJ, Again Fires Back At Buhari

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Ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo has again chided President Muhammadu Buhari, noting that he (Buhari) is sick in the body, mind and soul.

Speaking with BBC Yoruba on Monday, Obasanjo opined, “Buhari has health issues in his body, mind and soul.

We should implore him to quit politics.

He should go and rest. He has done his best.

“We should give someone else a chance. Some people usually ask me, if the person I support fails them.

“But my honest reply has always been that such is the beauty of democracy, if he fails, he will be replaced too”, he said.

Obasanjo has during the weekend attacked President Buhari on allegation of: gross nepotism, shielding corrupt practices in his government, sectional appointments, abuse of power, executive rascality among others.

This promoted presidency to reply Obasanjo in a strong term as she said Obasanjo Is A 90 Year Old Liar,.Saying President Muhammadu Buhari will teach him a bitter lesson.

Meanwhile, ACEGIST keeps you posted as the war of words come in.

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